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Shibir [ camps and retreats]

Organizing spiritual camps or retreats is another very important activity  of AVM. Such camps are held at  quiet, sacred places and last  for  about eight to ten days. During the camps  Swamiji teaches a Vedantic text as well as conducts meditation, chanting, question-answer  and kirtan sessions.

A Spiritual camp enables one to devote oneself single mindedly to the spiritual pursuit, giving up all the cares and responsibilities of routine life for about ten days. Ten days in Swamiji's sanga ( company ) becomes a very  enlightening and enriching experience.

Shibir of Pujya Swami Viditatmanandaji

1.Shibir begins from 3rd October to 11th October,2017 Sub: VIVEKCHUDAMANI-2 at HRISHIKESH
2.Shibir begins from 26th October to 2nd Novemer,2017 Sub:ANUBHUTIPRAKASH-7 at KAYAVAROHAN
Forms are available at Ashram. Please Enroll name before prescribed date.